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50,000th Clinitek Status Urine Analyser - Siemens Celebrate Medal Winning Moments At Frimley Park Hospital, England

May 02, 2017

The 50,000th Siemens Clinitek Status urine analyser has just been installed in the Children's Ward and Teenage Unit at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey.

Ward sisters Gail Ashworth and Gillian Rooney and members of the hospital's Point of Care team, were accompanied by some of their patients to receive the analyser from Kate Cox Operational Manager at Frimley Park. Members of the Siemens team had travelled to the presentation from Sudbury, Suffolk where the analyser is made, so that they could see first hand how it is used in a hospital setting.

Kate Cox explained to the children how the analyser is "like a detective" and that the results it produces help the doctors and nurses to make the children well again. "Almost every child has a urine test done on a Siemens analyser when they come into the Ward", explained Gail Ashworth, Ward Sister, "All 35 of our nursing staff , together with our Point of Care Medical Technical Officers, have been trained on the analyser. It is so easy to use and accurate, and the rapid results indicate where further analysis is needed, enabling us to swiftly care for our patients."

Gillian Rooney, Ward Sister and Diabetes Specialist agrees, "Such rapid results help so much when we are teaching parents how to manage a diabetic child. It really makes it easier to explain diabetes as a condition when the results obtained from the analyser give them an instant picture of their child on that day. We wouldn't be without it and are delighted to have the new machine."

Two children were well enough to join in the celebrations and were presented with Siemens 50,000th Clinitek Status gold medals to make the day even more memorable. To receive their medals, the children stood on an "Olympic" winners' podium that they had made themselves as part of the celebrations.

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