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First Global Animal Health Conference To Enhance Positive Environment For Veterinary Medicines, UK

July 21, 2017

The first Global Animal Health Conference, jointly organised by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) and the International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH), in conjunction with the Drug Information Association, (DIA), will take place at the EMEA on 15-16 November 2007 in London, UK.

The conference will explore the international regulatory environment, recent and forthcoming innovations in animal health as well as alliances and partnerships to advance the treatment, prevention and control of animal diseases around the world.

Representatives from a wide array of international organisations, academia, national animal health authorities and industry associations will convene to help enhance a positive environment for veterinary medicines.

"The conference will be IFAH's first opportunity to unveil our benchmarking studies carried out in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan, which I'm certain will provide a sound basis for constructive dialogue with all the partners in the regulation of medicines to work towards pioneering an exciting new era for animal health products and their availability worldwide" said Peter Jones, Executive Director, IFAH International and one of the two Program Chairs of the conference. "I hope too that the presence of international organisations, NGOs and governments will lead to more international cooperation and partnership to advance animal health and welfare." he added.

David Mackay, Head of the Veterinary and Inspections Unit of the European Medicines Agency -EMEA, the Co-Chair of the Program, noted that the agency is pleased to host the first global conference with a focus on a better regulatory environment of animal medicines. He said: "Recent disease episodes such as AI, FMD and Bluetongue have highlighted the fact that it is difficult to get equal access to effective animal health products around the world. I hope that the conference will help make products more available around the world and iron out the regional variations." Dr Mackay said that regulators are conscious that industry consider too much resource is diverted to defensive research rather than innovation in finding new products and solutions.

For DIA Europe, Director Dr. med. Brigitte Franke-Bray is confident that the conference will provide a neutral forum, facilitating dialogue amongst key stakeholders worldwide in the fields of veterinary medicine and animal health and welfare. There will be a focus on the global regulatory environment and the exploration and development of public-private alliances to advance the efforts needed for successful treatment, prevention and control of existing and emerging diseases in animals.

Ends The full program is available here.

Conference topics will include:

- Global Benchmarking Survey of Regulation of Veterinary Medicines
- Regulation of Veterinary Medicines in the EU
- Veterinary Medicines and Information Technology Unit (VICH) Facilitated Medicines
- VICH-Harmonised Guidelines
- Regional Harmonization through Mutual Recognition
- New Trends in Veterinary Medicine
- Collaboration among Research, Academia and Industry and the Challenge of Technology Transfer
- Managing Consumer Perceptions of Risk and Benefit
- Parasite Control in Livestock
- Antimicrobial Resistance: Managing the Threat to Animal and Human Health
- Existing and Emerging Diseases

About the Drug Information Association (DIA)

The Drug Information Association serves more than 18,000 professionals in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and regulatory industries worldwide. Through its domestic and international meetings, training courses, workshops and webinars, DIA provides a neutral global forum for the exchange of information critical to the advancement of the drug discovery and lifecycle management processes. Headquartered in Horsham, Pa., USA, and with offices in Basel, Switzerland and Tokyo, Japan, the Association is led by its volunteer-based board of directors and executive management team.


About IFAH

The International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH) is an organisation representing manufacturers of veterinary medicines, vaccines and other animal health products in both developed and developing countries across five continents. The mission of IFAH is to foster a greater understanding of animal health matters and promote a predictable, science-based regulatory environment that facilitates the supply of innovative and quality animal medicines, vaccines and other animal health products into a competitive market place. These products contribute to a healthy and safe food supply as well as a high standard of health and welfare for animals and people.

About EMEA

The European Medicines Agency is the European Union body responsible for coordinating the existing scientific resources put at its disposal by Member States for the evaluation, supervision and pharmacovigilance of medicinal products.

The Agency provides the Member States and the institutions of the EU the best-possible scientific advice on any question relating to the evaluation of the quality, safety and efficacy of medicinal products for human or veterinary use referred to it in accordance with the provisions of EU legislation relating to medicinal products. The mission of the European Medicines Agency is to foster scientific excellence in the evaluation and supervision of medicines, for the benefit of public and animal health.