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Paraplegic Receives Rare Nerve Transplant To Relieve Life-Altering Pressure Ulcers

March 17, 2017

The Plastic Surgery Center today announced that in a highly rare procedure, a paraplegic received a nerve grafting to relieve life-altering posterior pressure ulcers. The surgery was performed by a New Jersey medical team under the direction of Dr. Andrew Elkwood. World-renowned in the field of nerve transplantation, Dr. Elkwood utilized his expertise in a way that can be life-altering for paraplegics worldwide whose lives are subjugated by acute posterior sores.

During the procedure, which took place on January 13th at Monmouth Medical Center, doctors took nerves from the patient's paralyzed leg and grafted from the rib to the sciatic nerve. Dr. Elkwood and Dr. Russell Ashinoff, who helped lead the surgery, are intending for the procedure to restore sensation in the patient's posterior and prevent acute pressure ulcers - a common side effect associated with paraplegics that can relegate otherwise highly-functional handicapped people to be bedridden. The surgery was performed on 49-year-old Tory Cavalieri, who became paralyzed after breaking his spinal cord in a dirt bike accident ten years ago.

"Nerve transplants have shown incredible success in helping restore movement in paralyses caused by accidents, strokes and other medical tragedies," said Dr. Elkwood. "We are encouraged by initial results of last week's procedure, as this surgery has the potential to improve the lives of the tens of thousands of handicapped patients who are affected by these acute pressure ulcers."

Dr. Elkwood is part of the medical team at the Plastic Surgery Center, which is comprised of a group of surgeons who are highly skilled in nerve transplantation and advanced reconstruction. They perform a number of unique operations to help patients suffering from life-altering medical conditions who are often unaware that a treatment is available. Some of these conditions that the Plastic Surgery Center treats include:

- Paralysis resulting from accidents and strokes
- Diabetic Neuropathy
- Paralyzed diaphragm/ventilator-based breathing
- Facial Reanimation

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